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The Austria Summer Music Festival (ASMF) offers young musicians opportunity to learn from our distinguished professors and coaches while enjoying the beautiful countryside of Austria.

Cultural exchanges enrich the growth and development of musicians.  Performance opportunities include: solo and chamber music concerts, along with a children's opera in the central castle of Weyer, two historic churches, Weyer's village center and a concert in Vienna's famous Musikverein.  Our philosophy is to give back to what our generation received from their teachers in both technique and stylistic traditions


Participants will be supervised by our team of senior teachers and administrative staff.  Though participants will be engaged in preparations for performances, there will also be plenty of fun activities for our participants to enjoy Austria. 


Evelyn Schorkhuber
Artistic Director and Director of  Vocal Arts

I want you to welcome you to the Austrian Summer Music Festival.  I grew up in the most wonderful place in the Austrian Mountains, in Weyer. 


I would like to share my village with as many young musicians as possible, to help them grow as musicians, in their technique, and artistic expression and to feel and be connected to each other their whole life.

We will have concerts every day and the honor to have an amazing faculty, professors from the best orchestras, opera houses and institutes worldwide and each student will get the chance to play for the jury of the International Osaka Competition.


I want to welcome you with all my heart and can't wait to meet you all and have the most inspirational time together.

Mitsuko Ichimura
Director of Chamber Music

The beauty of the mountains enrobed in many shades of green, a blue sky that seems to reach forever, the hospitality of the people like a warm embrace, this is the setting through which our music echoes... 


This is “Austria Summer Music Festival in Weyer” 


Let us gather together, making music, growing friendships and our mutual love of music. We were strangers ‘til just a while ago, from different parts of the earth.

The Austria Summer Music Festival will become one of your most memorable experiences. The friendships you create in this special place will last throughout your lifetime.

Mitsko headshot_edited.jpg


Weyer is a small village in the Austrian mountains. It is famous because of its beautiful castle and baroque village-center. About 100 years ago Weyer was a summer home to many high-society and noble people from Vienna, as well as musicians, painters, writers and philosophers of the day.  Here they were refreshed by the clean mountain air to get ready for the new season in Vienna. The village castle (named the Egerer Schloss) became a well-known music school and artistic center.

Music education is deeply rooted in Austrian culture. From an early age, many children in Austria learn to play an instrument.  In this musical tradition, coupled with the inspiring surroundings of nature where many prolific musicians  are born and raised. 


Various leisure activities will be offered to the participants of the ASMF, such as going to the community swimming pool, a butterfly-walk on the Kreuzberg, bonfires, a farm visit with pony rides, indoor and outdoor games in the gymnastic halls of the village, holiday-fun-days with local Austrians, a  plus a sightseeing tour in Vienna.

German classes in the morning with the local director of the primary school are also planned for the 2020 seasons. This will be a unique opportunity to learn from German speaking natives about the music of Austria. 


Housing is located in Weyer at the Jutel Youth Hostel. Students are housed in rooms of two to four.  Breakfast is served daily and the hostel also provides several lounges, a basketball court, and four seminar rooms.  Daily transportation will be provided to the town center for classes and festival activities.


Participants should arrive at the Vienna International Airport on July 19th no later than 5:00pm local time.  Our Austria Summer Music Festival Welcome Committee will greet them at the airport and provide transportation to Weyer from the airport. A detailed plan of travel will be included in all accepted participant welcome packet.


Valentino's provides us a buffet for lunch and dinner each day of the festival.  A wonderful Greek restaurant located three minutes walking from our school.  Valentino's has agreed to accommodate food restrictions and will provide a well balanced meal, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins for all of our participants.  

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