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Evelyn Schorkhuber
Artistic Director and Director of  Vocal Arts

I want you to welcome you to the Austrian Summer Music Festival.  I grew up in the most wonderful place in the Austrian Mountains, in Weyer. 


I would like to share my village with as many young musicians as possible, to help them grow as musicians, in their technique, and artistic expression -and to feel and be connected to each other their whole life.

We will have concerts every day and the honor to have an amazing faculty, professors from the best orchestras, opera houses and institutes worldwide and each student will get the chance to play for the jury of the International Osaka Competition.


I want to welcome you with all my heart and can t wait to meet you all and have the most inspirational time together.

Mitsuko Ichimura
Director of Chamber Music

The beauty of the mountains enrobed in many shades of green, a blue sky that seems to reach forever, the hospitality of the people like a warm embrace, this is the setting through which our music echoes... 


This is “Austria Summer Music Festival in Weyer” 


Let us gather together, making music, growing friendships and our mutual love of music. We were strangers ‘til just a while ago, from different parts of the earth.

The Austria Summer Music Festival will become one of your most memorable experiences. The friendships you create in this special place will last throughout your lifetime.

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Austria, the intersection of music education and inspiration

A country rich with music history

Participants of the Austria Summer Music Festival have the opportunity to practice and perform in one of the world's most significant countries for the development of Western Music.  Our renowned faculty offer first class education in the areas of voice, piano, strings, and chamber music. 


Centralized in Weyer, Austria, participants will attend daily classes, perform in ensemble, and will receive coaching sessions in addition to private lessons.  

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provides aspiring young artists a glimpse into European music education, unique performance opportunities, and a chance to build relationships that will have a meaningful impact for the rest of their lives. 

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